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I’ve finally uploaded a lightbox – essentially a tool for my website that will allow me to have smaller images on my site but, if you click on them, you will see a much larger image.  I haven’t changed all the image sizes yet so, old copy will probably not yield larger images – at this time.  All new copy will include close ups.

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My friend, Kavitha Balakrishnan, has published her first book.  Please see below, from my Book Links page.

  • kavitha
  • How Terracotta (natural clay) jewellery is made in India  by Kavitha Balakrishnan.  Kavitha and I have been emailing for a few years now.  I am so grateful for having been able to watch as she took on her dreams and made them realities. Kavita has been working tirelessly to promote jewelry making for women in her country. Her mission is to help women start businesses and become self-sufficient.  I am so thrilled to see that she has published her first book on terracotta jewelry.  If you want to learn how to create terracotta jewelry or want a different perspective on the crafts of India, check out Kavitha’s book.  Also, take some time to visit her website: My Identity for Women.

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Hello there!  Some of you will begin to see the following blurb, at the bottom of emails from me.  It came to my attention, recently,  that many don’t know that my videos, newsletter and web content are self funded.  Many have asked how they can help so, I’m sharing:

I apologize if you have already seen this message, I’m just trying to get the word out.

Hello Everyone!  Just a brief note before I go:  In case you didn’t know (I figured that I should, FINALLY, mention this): I am a small, negative profit business.  In order to continue to produce our free content, we need your support.  If you purchase books, tools or materials through my Amazon links (I only recommend links that I trust and/or have used) or you watch the short ads at the beginning of our YouTube videos, you are helping to keep the free videos, newsletter and web content coming.  Also, by purchasing my video (soon to be videos) you are showing your support. My only source of funding is from these venues.   Thank you so much for your help!  Nancy and the Team at”


Messing around with Josten’s, Yearbook Yourself.

New Web Pages:  

  • On Pickle, Acid, Crock Pots and Baking Soda
  • Updates and Revisions to:  Jump Rings
  • Ventilation – fume and dust ventilation discussed
  • Stones and Stone Setting – Just started on this overly ambitious subject. I’m kicking myself for starting it!
  • New B&S Gauge Chart for your bench.  Includes gauge, sizes in mm’s, sizes in inches (decimal) and recommended drill bits.
  • Many new suppliers at my Jewelry Supplies (links) Page.
  • Updated links to instruction, blogs and information at my Jewelry Instruction and Blogs page.
  • Flex Shafts, Dremels and Drilling Tools.
  • Mandrel Holders
  • Ring, Bracelet and Bezel Mandrels
  • Photography and Video Editing:  Photo Editing Software – another under construction site but, there’s lots of information there on free and other types of editing software.
  • Chimera Page – Updates on what’s happening in the jewelry world at Chimera. See photos of the newly completed studio.  This too is temporary as we will be moving to larger quarters, hopefully, by May 2015!!!!! Support Chimera now – with donations of cash, tools, time.  Even if you don’t live here, your help will make sure that this important resource thrives!  Memberships purchased now, before the move, will be discounted after the move, when memberships fees go up.  Save yourself some cash and help out by joining now!  Thank you so much.
  • Many books added to the Books page. Check to see if the book you want to buy is discussed there.
  • Almost done with a page on Files – to be released soon.
  • Other surprises.  Maybe I’ll even finish a page someday!

New videos:

  • Just finished filming a video on making metal flowers (3/14/14). There will be a companion video, showing how I create my designs/patterns on the computer (screen-shot video). I hope to have this released by next week!

More Etcetera:

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