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I’ve finally uploaded a lightbox – essentially a tool for my website that will allow me to have smaller images on my site but, if you click on them, you will see a much larger image.  I haven’t changed all the image sizes yet so, old copy will probably not yield larger images – at this time.  All new copy will include close ups.

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I love hearing from people and try to answer all my emails.  To contact me via email, send your thoughts to:  Please, if possible, don’t leave questions or comments on this site (or YouTube)  as I can only handle one place to get mail.  I am also the only person working on this site, producing the newsletter, researching video content and answering your emails. Did that sound like whining?  Probably was.  Sorry.

Anyone looking for a non-paying apprenticeship?  Involves computer work, a seriously excellent sense of humor and the ability to learn.  I’m serious.  If you are, let me know.

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Riveted Portrait Pendant  Check out the Trailer for this video.

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This coming Wednesday (March 4, 2015), I will be at Chimera (from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm) to show off the intimate jewelry studio that Rebecca and I have created there.  Come check it out and learn more about Chimera. Become a member of Chimera and join an amazing group of artists, makers and builders of all things possible!.  Not only will you be able to work, learn and play here, your membership will also help to support an amazing community resource.   Chimera is a non-profit, volunteer run project.  Chimera’s address is: 6791 Highway 12, Sebastopol, CA  Phone:  707-861-0278.

Hello there!  Some of you will begin to see the following blurb, at the bottom of emails from me.  It came to my attention, recently,  that many don’t know that my videos, newsletter and web content are self funded.  Many have asked how they can help so, I’m sharing…

Putting on my sharing hat now.

“In case you didn’t know (I figured that I should, FINALLY, mention this): I am a small, negative profit business.  In order to continue to produce free content, I need your support.  If you purchase books, tools or materials through my Amazon links (I only recommend links that I trust and/or have used) or you watch the short ads at the beginning of my YouTube videos, you are helping to keep the free videos, newsletter and web content coming.  My  main source of funding is from these venues.  I hope you can help in these simple ways.  Thank you so much for your support!  Nancy and Lou Loo, the cat

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