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Hetty  This week I said goodbye to my friend and mentor:  Hetty Herman-Minsk – artist, jeweler, psychiatrist (really), political activist, theater aficionado, martini drinker, friend, inspiration.  She died this week at almost 83.  I learned, from Hetty,  that getting older didn’t mean not living well and full.  She was a most inspiring, energetic woman who made me think hard and laugh a lot.  Goodbye Hetty. So glad your death was quick, at home and filled with friends.  You lived well and died well.  I will miss our trips to San Francisco and our evenings with Jane.  I love you and thank you for your wisdom, kindness and beauty. N

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I’m going to be teaching a class at the fabulous Art is You in Petaluma, in 2014. Besides California, the retreat will travel to Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Australia. I won’t be at all those places – just Petaluma. (Do they only choose places that are over 7 letters long?)  I’ll keep you posted!  In the meantime, check out the great classes still available for 2013.


I went to the retreat last year and learned so much, ate fabulous food, met some great people and expanded my horizons.  I can’t wait to teach here!  Hope you’ll join me in 2014.

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