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New pieces:

Recently completed, this bracelet took about 80 hours to create.  The ring about 30 hours.  No fancy names for them – yet!   Photos below, were taken using my Samsung phone.


Cuff – Chased and Repoussed flowers, pierced brass cuff base, sterling, open ended bezel, dyed howlite, flowers made from sterling, bronze, brass and copper.



Ring – Flowers of silver, bronze and copper, chased & repoussed.  Band is 12 gauge Sterling wire, wrapped, soldered and then the band is cut open making it adjustable.


 New Web Pages:

As of June 2014, I added four new pages:  

  • Acetylene Gas – Torch, Tanks, Setup, Safety.  Ever wondered about your tank?  What is in it, who invented it?  Do you know about flashback arrestors and hoses? Many of these questions are answered on this page.
  • Jewelry Tools from Micro-Mark - A great resource for all things small.  But, are they great for jewelry making?  I share my favorites and not-so-favorites from one of my favorite stores.
  • Jewelry Tools from Harbor Freight - Setting up a new studio?  Want tools on the cheap?  Here are a few suggestions.
  • Questions and Answers.  Please spend some time perusing this site, as I would cry if I found out that I’m the only one who reads it.

News and Etcetera:

Getting close to our millionth view – well kinda: 711,402 views so far.  Think we might give away some jewelry for that momentous event .  Might.  Thinking about it.  Could happen.  Want some?  Details soon.  Keep thinking I should have more cats on the videos – maybe: cats soldering without tying their tails back!  Scandalous!

I’d like to thank my most fabulous, talented and interesting subscribers!  It is so amazing to have almost 9,000 of you along for the ride.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Now, if everyone would just send me $1000.00 US, I could move to Hawaii tomorrow.  Think about it.  It could be fun?

I’m building a new studio (well, my husband and a friend are).  It will be a clean (?), well-lighted, larger space.  I am so excited to start moving all my “stuff” in there.  Yippee!

Will be filming our next video on:  Creating photos of your jewelry using your cell phone.  The images of the above cuff and ring were taken with my Samsung phone. Hopefully, the new video will be filmed in my new studio.  Can’t wait!

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More Etcetera:

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I’m going to be teaching a class at the fabulous Art is You in Petaluma, in 2014. Besides California, the retreat will travel to Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Australia. I won’t be at all those places – just Petaluma. (Do they only choose places that are over 7 letters long?)  I’ll keep you posted!  In the meantime, check out the great classes still available for 2013.  Register now or miss out!


I went to the retreat last year and learned so much, ate fabulous food, met some great people and expanded my horizons.  I can’t wait to teach here!  Hope you’ll join me in 2014.

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