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I’ve finally uploaded a lightbox – essentially a tool for my website that will allow me to have smaller images on my site but, if you click on them, you will see a much larger image.  I haven’t changed all the image sizes yet so, old copy will probably not yield larger images – at this time.  All new copy will include close ups.

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I love hearing from people and try to answer all my emails.  To contact me via email, send your thoughts to:  Please, if possible, don’t leave questions or comments on this site (or YouTube)  as I can only handle one place to get mail.  It’s true – I’m not a great computer wizard nor do I have a lot of time!  I’m also a bit overwhelmed by the madness that surrounds me.

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 The last newsletter was Volume 8.  The focus was on understanding faceted stones (also gemstone beads) – how to buy them, how to look for flaws, the parts.  It’s a long one because it was long overdue.  The topic of the next issue, Volume 9, is enameling.  I found some great artists to share.  I believe that the newsletter is now easier to read on your phone.  Hopefully, still easy on the computer!
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Riveted Portrait Pendant  Check out the Trailer for this video.

News and Etcetera:

Getting close to our millionth view – well kinda: 762,174 views so far.  Think we might give away some jewelry for that momentous event .  Might.  Thinking about it.  Could happen.  Want some?  Details soon.  Keep thinking I should have more cats on the videos – maybe: cats soldering without tying their tails back!  Scandalous!

I’d like to thank my most fabulous, talented and interesting subscribers!  It is so amazing  – we have 10,207 subscribers!   I am so surprised.  Who would have thought that one, rather poorly made, goofy video, put on YouTube on a whim,  could lead to so many amazing viewers, readers and friends.  The experience has been extremely rewarding AND scary.  I guess I can’t be considered shy anymore!   Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Now, if everyone would just send me $1000.00 US, I could move to Hawaii tomorrow.  Think about it.  It could be fun?

New Studio Update

(if anyone cares)

The new studio is now built and the move is almost done, almost…  It’s been a hellacious ride and I think that my feet and back will be complaining for years to come!  Dang, I’ve got a lot of “STUFF”!

Video Sneak Peak

(not much of one though!)

We will be filming our next video on:  Jewelry Photography.  I’ll cover:  Using the cell phone as a camera, lighting, cheap solutions, editing and other related items.  This video, on jewelry photography, will be our second filmed in the new studio.  The first video is  of the studio move – it reads like a disaster of a disaster movie – think Snakes on a Plane, Volcano and Twister.  Warning:  There is a lot of whining and sweating in this video. The rating on this video is: MAWS (for Mature Audiences, includes Whining and Sweating).

P.S.:  Neither video is released or close to being released yet. Hopefully, the third video will be on cabochon creation and setting.  Soon, soon…

Art is You Update

Check out Art is You’s new magazine:  Mingle.  It is available at

Mingle Magazine

Art is You is coming to Petaluma, California – September 24th through September 28th, 2014!  There’s still time to register!  I’m teaching a class  called: The Riveted Cuff.

The Riveted Cuff The Riveted Cuff.  Learn how to make a similar one.

This is not your ordinary art retreat.  Besides amazing food (covered by the registration costs) there are classes you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.   I’m taking Michael deMeng’s “Dance Macabre”  – which is right up my alley.

Michael deMeng Class Michael’s a great teacher and brings lots of creative inspiration to his classes.   Play with new materials and expand your artistic horizons.  Check out Michael’s amazing assemblages at his site:  The Assemblage Art of Michael deMeng.

Art is You, besides offering fabulous classes, also offers inspirational events like:  The Daily Morning Motivator, Nightly Art @ the Bar, Floats and Flotillas, Stencil Girl’s Doodle Party and Felt Fun with LoriMarie.  Here’s the link for the aforementioned events:  Eat Cake and Create. Plus:  late night snacks at the bar (price included in registration fee). Don’t forget!  Sunday is PJ day with lunchtime prizes for best dressed.

There are discounted evening classes if you can’t come for the day.

Here’s a partial list of some of the teachers and classes being offered:

Andrea Matus deMeng Andrea Matus deMeng

Karen-O'brien  Karen O’Brien

Register now or miss out!


***Registration is now closed for Petaluma 2014 – Thanks to all who signed up!  Can’t wait to meet you.  

New pieces:

Recently completed, this bracelet took about 80 hours to create.  The ring about 30 hours.  No fancy names for them – yet!   Photos below, were taken using my Samsung phone.

Flower Cuff

Cuff – Chased and Repoussed flowers, pierced brass cuff base, sterling, open ended bezel, dyed howlite, flowers made from sterling, bronze, brass and copper.

Flower Cuff Side

Bouquet Ring

Ring – Flowers of silver, bronze and copper, chased & repoussed.  Band is 12 gauge Sterling wire, wrapped, soldered and then the band is cut open making it adjustable.

 New Web Pages:

As of June 2014, I added four new pages:  

  • Acetylene Gas – Torch, Tanks, Setup, Safety.  Ever wondered about your tank?  What is in it, who invented it?  Do you know about flashback arrestors and hoses? Many of these questions are answered on this page.
  • Jewelry Tools from Micro-Mark – A great resource for all things small.  But, are they great for jewelry making?  I share my favorites and not-so-favorites from one of my favorite stores.
  • Jewelry Tools from Harbor Freight – Setting up a new studio?  Want tools on the cheap?  Here are a few suggestions.
  • Questions and Answers.  Please spend some time perusing this site, as I would cry if I found out that I’m the only one who reads it.

New videos:

More Etcetera:

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