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Riveted Portrait Pendant  Check out the Trailer for this video.

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Ongoing Chimera meetups.  We just had a meetup on sawing basics.  Next one, in July, will be on options for selling your work.  Moving into our new space soon. Please support Chimera with donations of cash, tools or supplies.  Contact me or Chimera for how to do this. On my Chimera page, I have a wish list of tools and supplies for our new, community jewelry studio.  Classes will be offered soon after we move into our new space.

My sister is now working with me, updating the Q&A pages and fixing broken links.  Thanks sis!  Really needed/need her help. Now, if I could just get her to stop golfing so much…

Bought an R-Pod RPod-181g-exterior so, me and my hubby can camp without suffering.  It’s called:  throw in some groceries, a few clothes, hook it (the R-Pod’s name is Desi) up to Lucy, my 2003 Lincoln Aviator, and go.  Too achy and old to deal with tents or pop-up campers anymore.  Like the indoor toilet idea a lot!  I have a problem with bears – don’t like them – at least not in my campground, at night, when I have to go.

RPod-181G-Interior  Soon to be redecorated!

New Cats (well, only LouLoo) in Shoes photos from my Facebook page:

Louloo-in-gold-sandels  Lou in gold.  lou-shoes Lou in Diamonds.

New Web Pages:  

  • New Section:  Projects.  Right now, I only have one:  Making a Heart Shaped Pendant.  red-enameled-heart  It involves cutting out a heart using a disc cutter and enamel.  Quick and easy.
  • Stones and Stonesetting.
  • Almost done with:  Techniques, Stones and Stonesetting: Setting a Pear-Shaped Stone. Also working on a page for bezel settings.
  • Updated information on the Patterns Page.  I talk about how I deal with patterns.
  • Added a new pattern to the Patterns Page: Whale’s Tail Pendant Patternsilver-whale's-tail-pendant  Whale Tail Pendant.
  • Many books added to the Books page. Check to see if the book you want to buy is discussed there.
  • Many Q&A Pages additions – thanks to my sister.
  • Almost done with a page on Files – to be released soon (she keeps saying that!).
  • Other surprises.  Maybe I’ll even finish a page someday!

New videos:

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Hello there!  Some of you will begin to see the following blurb, at the bottom of emails from me.  It came to my attention, recently,  that many don’t know that my videos, newsletter and web content are self funded.  Many have asked how they can help so, I’m sharing:

I apologize if you have already seen this message, I’m just trying to get the word out.

Hello Everyone!  Just a brief note before I go:  In case you didn’t know (I figured that I should, FINALLY, mention this): I am a small, negative profit business.  In order to continue to produce our free content, we need your support.  If you purchase books, tools or materials through my Amazon links (I only recommend links that I trust and/or have used) or you watch the short ads at the beginning of our YouTube videos, you are helping to keep the free videos, newsletter and web content coming.  Also, by purchasing my video (soon to be videos) you are showing your support. My only source of funding is from these venues.   Thank you so much for your help!  Nancy and the Team at”

YearbookYourself_1960 Messing around with Jostens’s, Yearbook Yourself.