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Welcome, if you are interested in joining this page, please email me a link where your work can be seen.  Thanks.

My Fabulous Subscribers website’s in Alphabetical order.

Beverly Brown


My name is Beverly and I started making hand stamped jewelry and mommy jewelry in order to help support our Rwandan adoption.  We are currently #135 out of approximately 175 families waiting to adopt and we’ve just recently received our approval.  Our next step is to wait to be matched with a child.

I received a hand stamped necklace right before the birth of my twins and I absolutely loved it.  I knew that I could make something like that, too, but also realized that with the upcoming birth of my twins and my soon-to-be two year old, I wouldn’t have much time.  So, once my boys got a little bit older and we decided to adopt a little girl, I knew this was what I wanted to do in order to raise funds for our adoption and then to continue on with it as a business once we bring our daughter home.

I use sterling silver, brass, copper, gold fill and fine silver clay in my jewelry.  I love trying to techniques and my favorite thing to make right now is anything that I have to solder.  I’ve been working on a lot of rings and really enjoy creating new and unique designs.

You can check out my site at where there’s also a link to my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.   (I took the liberty to collage three of Beverly’s  images – sorry Beverly).  

Theresa Hing



‘In the beginning I was happy with stringing beads and silver but I wanted more, to actually make the silver beads and clasps, then  more complex shapes and textures.

I am a self taught metal smith. Designs begin with a thought around a stone or piece of metal and then lots of sketches. I usually have a general idea of what the finished item should be like, but completely open to different interpretation along the way, and designs normally change a lot..  I just love making things in metal – with or without stones – it’s that simple.’  



I use a variety of metalsmith techniques, but my favorite is fold forming.   You can view a 2-min video of that work here: . I was lucky enough to learn the art of fold forming from its inventor, world-renowned master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain, at the Center for Metal Arts in New York.  I also administer the official FaceBook page for the fold forming community; if you’re interested, please join us at .  All skill levels welcome there.

My web site is and you can see my work on the Gallery Photos page.  I also post weekly to my blog SueLacy Wired. You can bet Nancy’s web site is on my favorites list right there on the blog. My user name for FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and whatever comes along is suelacydesigns so please look me up and say hello!  



Desiree has the Desiree’s Desired Creations website.  Check out her lovely work in polymer clay and metal.



I have worked with many forms of art since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I have enjoyed experimenting with

pottery, enameling, photography, stamping, quilting, watercolor painting, knitting, metalsmithing and glassblowing. I have always been fascinated by glass and the processes involved in turning it into a piece of art. I also love jewelry and have been creating beaded

jewelry pieces for several years After I took a class on glass fusing, I realized that I could combine two of my favorite art forms and make fused glass jewelry. Creating unique jewelry is what I strive for.  I do not want to own something that everyone else has. My jewelry is one of a kind. I enjoy being

approached by someone saying “Your necklace is so beautiful. Where did you get that?”.  I have sold my jewelry in local art galleries and currently in my online store



A personal note on Catherine:  Catherine and I are friends. She is one of the most amazingly talented, creative and inquisitive people that I know.  Catherine is constantly experimenting, pushing the boundaries, learning new techniques.  If I wanted to be anyone, when and if I grow up, I’d be Catherine!

I love making things out of pretty much anything.  Currently I work mostly in silver, often in metal clay form.  I’ve been immersed in traditional fabrication for the past year and am taking part in a challenge on flickr called “Ring a Week” that has offered me an avenue to pursue almost daily practice making rings.  I’ve written a few articles for Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and been included in books like “A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects to Create and Share” by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae (2008), “Metal Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration” by Barbara Becker Simon (2009) and 3 of the 5 PMC Guild Annuals, (2007), (2008) and (2011) and finally, “The Art of Metal Clay, Revised and Expanded Edition” by Sherri Haab (2010).  I’ve taught workshops on metal clay at Artfest in Port Townsend, Washington for Teesha Moore.  My blog is about my art adventures for the past 6 years and the friends I made along the way.  It’s been great fun!

See more of Catherine’s work on Flickr, Etsy and Crafthaus.

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  1. I don’t have a link, but did post a picture of a necklace I made on B’Sue Boutiques Creative Group, which is where Pamela Barrett Duke posted a link to your website. I want to learn to solder and then move on in metal work. Would like to subscribe,and will certainly find you on you tube as soon as I send this request. Thank you.

  2. Hi Theresa, Thank you so much for the fabulous comments! I love your jewelry and would really like to put you on the subscriber’s page. Can you send me one image, a brief bio and all of the links that you’d like for people to see? Once I have this info, I can add you to my site! Thanks and I’m excited to showcase your beautiful work. Cookson’s is pricey? I didn’t know. I’m having a hard time just finding European, Middle Eastern and Asian shops to post on my links page. I have viewers from all over the world that I’d like to help out. Do you know of anyone else besides Cookson’s Gold? Thanks again. Take care. Nancy

  3. Thank you so much Rachel. You are so sweet! A Pinterest account? I know what Pinterest is (I think?) but now I’m freaked out. Do I need to have a Pinterest page? Are a lot of people signing up? I can barely handle my emails, as it is, and fought having a Facebook page for a few years – obviously, I lost that battle. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Anyhoo, I guess you figured out that I DON’T have a Pinterest account. Do people just post photos or do you have to write stuff? Some people just get dragged, screaming and kicking, into the future and that’s me! Thanks again and hope I didn’t scare you with my panic attack! HAH!!! Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy, great videos as usual! I just love your work.
    I just love working with metal and have gained most of my information on techniques from watching you and others on YouTube, such generous artists to share their experiences. I have a shop on Etsy, link above. I would love to be added to this page. Many many thanks from a devoted fan.

    All the best

    PS you guys in the US are very lucky to have the best priced tools anywhere. Here in the UK everything is soooo expensive!

  5. Hi Nancy! Loved your videos for a long time-very helpful and informative! Do you have a Pinterest to follow?

  6. Hi Carol, I have a simpler solution. Try putting a diamond wheel _ ( into the flex shaft. You can either hold it and grind or put it into a vice and use it as a mini grinding table. Just roll the stone over the surface of course drizzling a little water on the disc to keep the stone from overheating. You can also dip the stone and the end of the flex shaft in a bit of water or grind the stone in something like a jar lid with water. I do this all the time when I need to trim a cab. I also have a stained glass tool called a grinder (mine is a Glastar – ) they run about 130.00. There’s a Gryphon brand that runs about 80.00. Maybe you can find one used? But, the diamond disc in the flex shaft does work. When or if I need to bring the area that I’ve ground down, up to a fine polish, I use wet dry sand paper or the PSA quick change sanding discs (Rio Grande item #: 337253 (from 180 to 1200 grit) or even 3m’s PSA 1″ diamond discs (Rio Grande’s part 3: 201463) which come in grits from 1200 to 8000. That should be fine enough for finishing or you could finish it with a diamond abrasive compound (also at Rio Grande) on a felt buff.

    So, to answer your question – no, neither I or anyone I know has used the Wolf belt sander for cabs but, I bet it can be done. Hope this info helped. Take care and thanks. N

  7. Hi Nancy, I’m a retired food facility designer who has become an intermediate level jewelry designer/student. I periodically create pieces with cabochons and would like to modify cabs I’ve bought on EBay to fix bulges or do minor reshaping by sanding and polishing them. I know from cab cutting classes I’ve taken that you need water with the special grinding/sanding belts and medium when you work on stones, but since regular cab/lapping machines are WAY more expensive then I need for the frequency I might do this, I was wondering if you [or anyone you know] tried to use the Wolf Belt Sander with the 3M Diamond Micro-Finishing Film Replacement Belts on cabochons.
    I thought I’d just drizzle some water on the belt and cab periodically. If you’ve used this, did it work? or are there some suggestions to make it work?
    BTW, congrats on your wonderful YouTube videos. I’m a HUGE FAN.
    Warm regards,
    Carol Minnich

  8. Hello Pat! First off, thanks for the kind words. Kisses. Mostly, I use the same tools. There are exceptions, though. I use a file cleaning brush and than a paint brush to clean off any dust from my files when switching to precious metals. I don’t share sandpapers with other metals unless it’s copper, brass, bronze,etc. You can dedicate buffing wheels to a particular metal – especially with gold and especially if refining the dust. I just don’t make a lot with gold right now because of the cost so, I use the same wheels for most metals. I also use a different set of tools for steel as steel dulls them and I don’t want to ruin my good tools. With metal clays, I have dedicated clay tools as a bit of sterling or copper filing wouldn’t be too good in the clay. Clay and metal are even worked on in different areas of the studio because of the potential for cross contamination.

    Love my ghost shows. I have seen Most Haunted but, there’s one woman, maybe the blonde, who drives me nuts. I watch most ghost shows and do a bit of hunting myself. One of these days, I’ll put up some of the odd things that we caught, on video. I’ve been poked in the arm, had something blow hard on my neck (twice) and saw a shadow figure run right in front of me. Of course, the camera wasn’t in my hand so….

    Nice chatting with you – off to actually make some jewelry today! Yeah. Take care and talk to you later. Thanks again. Nancy

  9. Hi there Nancy, very pleased to have found your videos and site. I make jewelery myself but I must say I find your work exceptional & inspirational. Keep up the good works -its fantabulous!
    I have only made things with precious metals, but was wondering if you use the same tools when you are working with say copper and silver, or brass… I suppose I’m kinda wondering about some sort of cross contamination -are there any problems?
    Also I’m seeing you like Paranormal Witness (so do I ! ) Have you seen Most Haunted made over here in U.K? If you haven’t then I’m certain you’d like it, the mediums on it are very good and of course some of the sites are castles and such like. Thanks again.

  10. Hi Joy, thanks for sending your students to me and for the fabulous comments! As a matter of fact, we are about to release our first full-length, paid video. It’s a riveted (3-layered) portrait pendant with chain. The video includes four different design variations, instructions on how to create a polymer clay image transfer, how to make the chain, bail and clasp, how to create your own designs and much more. There are links to all of my videos that are relevant to the project as well as an extensive materials/tools list with clickable links to the materials/tools.

    We are planning on the video being a download but, will consider DVD’s if we get enough requests.

    Making this video has been quite the adventure. As newbies to this form of video making, we did a fair amount of bumbling, stumbling and grumbling. It’s taken us almost a year!!!!!! Some scenes were shot 5 times, which is very frustrating as I’m usually a one take girl… Our original deadline was 11/30/12 but, we waved that one goodbye and the next one as well. We are determined to meet the next deadline: January of 2013 (any day in that month will do!).

    As of now, I’m not exactly sure what the price will be but, I know that it will be under $25.00 – accessibility is paramount!

    Good idea of putting my YouTube videos on DVD! Of course, they’d cost – to cover DVD, shipping, handling but, I’d want it to be very inexpensive. Thanks for that idea, I never thought of it. Take care and happy teaching. Enjoy the New Year and all the mystery/excitement/adventure that lies ahead.

  11. Nancy- Love your videos. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I will be sending every future student of mine to your excellent, fun, straight-forward tutorials! Wish you had them for purchase! I would buy them to resell at my classes. Thanks Again! 😉 joy

  12. I have a question. I have a brooch that I would like to add two bars to it so that it can be like a ribbon buckle for 1 1/2 inche satin ribbon to slide through it for a bridal sash. How would I add the two bars to a metal brooch? The other side has crystal rhinestones in it but I’d be adding the bars to the back.

    Thank you, in advance, for your help! I’ve been looking all over for a ‘how-to’ on this and came across your video – I looked for an email to message you but didn’t find one, yet.

  13. Love, love your videos. Am going to jump into this metalsmithing thing, even tho’ I lack imagination and skill. But, I am going to need something to do when I retire and one never knows until you try something, so here goes. Your videos are inspirational and make it look much easier than I’m sure it is, so I am very excited. I love the fact that you are providing this kind of information as I had no idea where to start and now I do. Also, you have the most exquisite jewelry, so delicate, so beautiful, it must be an amazing experience to be able to create the things you do. Thank you, thank you.

  14. Hi Nancy,
    Your youtube video’s are my tv now! Thank you so so much for the free information and entertaining delivery of said info!
    I texted you a few times, I am just starting to be a metalsmith junky, and have miles and miles of Harbor Freight isles to walk and Rio Grande sites to oogle before I will again feel complete!
    I do, however have my offerings posted for sale on Etsy. Your website would be a welcome addition to my pandering efforts.
    Thank you so much for your teachings! I tried riveting today and watched your video tonight, now I am ready to tackle it again!

  15. Hi Nancy L T Hamilton. Enjoy your videos. Thanks for doing them. About the flex-shaft, very informative. Trivia about the crescent wrench. It’s also called an adjustable spanner across the pond and here in USA, a knuckle buster, as it can easily slip off nut when you least expect it! The reverse function on the Foredom SR can be used when sanding and grinding where a lot of material is thrown off. Reversing throws the stuff away, rather than toward you.


  16. Hi Nancy, I really have admired and learned much from your videos. It is inexplicable how you can teach and make it look much easier. I am following each publication. I’m from Brazil, here we have great difficulty in getting material, especially metal clay and wires. So, I would like to know if you could publish something about grain, make small balls of silver with silver threads, and the alternatives to this kind of work. I Have melted wire, but can never get a perfect result, that the pellets remain the same size. Thank you for your vídeos.Thank you for his joy and bindade and share this art.
    A big hug
    (Forgive me for my english)

  17. I make jewelry out of silverplated and stainless steel Silverware. I know how to solder sterling silver with a small torch. Can you solder silverplate or stainless steel the same way? Any suggestions on how to join these metals? -Thanks so much!

  18. Just discovered your videos and appreciate you sharing your wonderful knowledge! Might be up all night – taking it all in!
    Do you have any tips or tricks for soldering rhinestones – and rhinestone chains and what to use to patina them? Thanks in advance

  19. Hi, Loving the video tutorials (you are very funny Nancy) and just starting out in this crazy field, but am already obsessed! Looking forward to learning lots from Nancy and those others I run into!

  20. Thank you , thank you…I have a flex shaft , did not know it’s many uses…you have shown me the light. Loved your video.. Can you do one on engraving with the flex shaft?
    Thank you

  21. Hello Nancy,
    I feel like I have hit the jackpot finding you!!!!! I am more of a painter as you will see if you check out my etsy site…… but love hand made jewelry! Your work is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! I am just beginning to learn some basic metalsmithing and am very thankful to you for sharing and teaching via your videos. I would love to be in the subscriber club if I meet your approval.
    Your new Fan!!!
    From my grateful heart to yours!!!

  22. Recently found you on youtube and LOVE your video’s Miss Nancy!!I’m just starting to work with metals, and just love watching your video’s and learning all your great tips. I’m sucking up all the info for sure! Thanks for taking the time to share 🙂

  23. Hi nancy
    Have just found your videos on utube – excellent!
    just what I was looking for – I’m chronically dyslexic & watching tutorials is so much easier than wading through a ton of double Dutch words. Many thanks..

  24. Hi Sue, We just finished filming a video all about the flexshaft, even the gross parts, like lubing the shaft. I discuss a bunch of uses – probably too many ’cause it’s a bit long. As usual, I forget words, make mistakes and look older than I feel. Could be fun though. It should be released this month. Eerie coincidence, eh? Thanks so much for writing and the very kind words.

  25. I saw Michele Beschen on A show I watch called Paint Paper and Crafts and she was doing free form Soldering. It looked like so much fun. So I started checking out
    you tubes on soldering and ran across yours. You da Best!!!
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

  26. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for all your advice and for taking the time to reply to my questions. You are truly an amazing artist and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I would like to be a subscriber so I am off to You Tube now… take care and thanks for visiting my blog.


  27. Hi Anne, did you subscribe on You Tube? I am going to do a video on using a flex shaft – soon (with luck and a large stick). My video producer is my handsome and talented son who has relegated my videos to about 79th in importance, in his life. I think I need a bigger stick! So, in the meantime, I think I’ll get a page up on my site, this week, about the flex shaft. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ll drop you a note when I get the page done. In the meantime – experiment, be fearless and have fun. N

  28. Hello Nancy, I’ve been watching your clips on You Tube and am so glad to have found you. You are extremely knowledgeable, informative, clear and easy to watch.

    I’ve been jewelling for a few years and enjoying the endless learning curve. I will be receiving a flexshaft in the mail within the next few days and would be thrilled to watch any videos you make regarding “how to use a flexshaft”.

    I would like to be one of your subscribers.

    Thanks again for all your time and efforts,


  29. Thank you for your response to my Flex Shaft suggestion. I watched the sanding video and now have bought the discs you mentioned. The only one I am not sure of is the one you mentioned from Rio Grande because I could not find the corresponding Item number. The 337226 was good but the other which I can’t recall right now, showed some other item entirely. So I ended up going with this 201008 the 3M Disc with PSA Backing for AllSet Sander/Planer, 30 Microns Item Number: 201008
    This was the closest I could find that looked like what you’d shown on the video. Only when I received them they are 2″ in diameter, much larger than the others. Did I get the wrong thing? Thanks for your help. Evelyn

  30. I would be willing to pay for a video on using the Flex shaft and the accessories. I think there would be other people who would pay too. I have a Fordham Flex shaft but no idea how to really use it. I have considered buying the book on How to Make the Most of Your Flexshaft that is about $35.00 but it has not gotten really great reviews. If I am going to spend that much money I would prefer your video. I hope you will consider. I have enjoyed your videos very much. I appreciate all your information and generosity. Thank you, Evelyn (I am new to metalsmithing. I have taken a local class but was really too terrified to really take advantage of the torch-LOL) I only have a butane one right now and have finally begun to use it. Next I will be the Little Smith when I have that much money. You are truly appreciated.

  31. Janet, wow, thank you so much.. I was very moved by your words and appreciate you taking the time to write them. It is in my heart to share and teach because this craft has given me much joy and I want others to feel that too. Thanks for seeing that. Nancy

  32. Hi Nancy. I love your site and your videos. Your willingness to share your knowledge makes you a special person. There are many of us out here who love to create but have not had access to classes for lack of finances or availability. I am self-taught through trial and error, which can be a good thing because you learn from costly mistakes. Creating works of jewelry art are as individual as the people making them. It’s nice to know you aren’t threatened by others who just want an outlet for making what is in their hearts. I publicly applaud you and want you to know you have a new fan. Thank you for being you! Sincerely, Janet T.

  33. Hello Nancy,

    Responding to your note about posting my links for your subscriber’s page. I don’t know how to add a photo though.

    On another topic, I was just at “Art is…YOU”, looked for you but our paths didn’t cross. I first noticed your necklace and earrings at the Mendocino Art Center and wanted to tell you that I admired your work. I’ve been working with PMC since 2000 and of course got into harder metals after that.

    I hope I get to meet you sometime. I’m in Orinda and travel up to Mendocino a few times a year. Also thinking about moving up around Sebastopol/Petaluma area in a couple of years when my kids are off on their own.

    My best to you,
    Catherine Witherell