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“Chimera Art Space is a place to unite and empower the Sonoma County creative community. A place where shared resources and workspace provide inspiration and opportunity for all.

We offer a facility, tools, training and community for Sonoma County artists, makers, hackers and inventors. Get involved today!”

Next Meet up

The next meet up will be our open house for the jewelry studio.  Coming in early March!

before-and-after-1  Before and After:  Buffing and Grinding Area

before-and-after-2  Before and After:  Sink and Soldering Area

For other meetups, please see the general Chimera Calendar.

The Move

We are in the new space and almost finished.  See photos below.


We really need student desks to accommodate 8 students.

Looking for jewelry tools.  We really need a new, good rolling mill and a melting furnace.  Pricey but, important tools!  Used is fine.  Please see our wish list, below.  Your donation is tax deductible as we are a non-profit organization.


Most Recent

Latest images first.

Sugar and I went shopping for cabinets and stuff, on 2/23/16.  We scored.

display-case-at-the-re-store   Found this great cabinet – for display – at the Re-Store, Habitat for Humanity’s shop – $60.00!

new-couch-score-2-21-50-bucks  My favorite score of the day!  $50.00!  In perfect condition and COMFORTABLE!  This couch is for the lounge area with the furniture I found at Ross.

Sugar, Kelly and I started putting it all together this past Sunday, February 21, 2016.

buffing-and-grinding-area-2-21-16  The buffing and grinding stations.  We are building a box around each machine and installing particulate ventilation soon.

metal-cutting-drilling-2-21-16   The metal cutting and drilling area.

soldering-sink-2-21-16   Soldering area, kiln and sink.

Sugar-and-Kelly-in-metals-2-21-16   Sugar and Kelly with our very temporary desks.  In the center, where the temporary desks are, will be seating for 8.  At the very end is the instructor’s desk.  All desks will have fume and particulate ventilation.

temporary-desks-sugar-kelly-2-16   Sugar and Kelly.  The temporary desks and flex shafts.  Buffing  and grinding area in the back, right.

work-area-casting-2-21-16  Casting and general work area.

The Morning of 2/21/16 before work began.

before-we-started-2-21-16   What I walked into Sunday morning.  Image of buffing/grinding area and center.

morning-of-2-21-16  The beginning of Sunday morning.  Soldering area.

Shopping at Ross – 2/20/16

my-car-loaded-with-furniture  I crammed 2 chairs, 2 side tables, a rug and a coffee table into my SUV.

lounge-furniture-from-Ross-2-20-16  The furniture in a very cluttered main room.  Soon…

The not so distant past.

before-1-jan-2016   Sheet rock up and taped. The electric lines and boxes are in. Image faces towards main room of Chimera.

before-2-jan-16   Soon-to-be buffing and grinding area.

before-2  Soon-to-be metal cutting and drilling area.before-3-jan-16   Casting and general work area.

before-4-jan-16  Sink and soldering area.  The big hole is where the sink will be.

The Old Days

In the old building.  A jewelry meetup on water casting.

Click on images to enlarge.

sugar-demo Sugar demo-ing water casting. March 2015 meetup.

The old studio – before our move.

soldering-area  Soldering areastudio-1 Workbench 1studio-2 Workbench 2studio-3 drill press, storagestudio-4Workbench 3 (and 4?)

Wish List

The jewelry department has a wish list for tools and materials.  If you’d like to add anything to the list or have something to donate, please email me at: or Chimera at their donate page.

So, here’s the list so far:

  1. Hydraulic press.  Purchase or make (instructions)
  2. A Durston Combination Rolling Mill 
  3. Decorating turntable (for soldering)
  4. Buffs for buffing motor – tight weave muslin and felt.
  5. Buffing compound:  rouge, Zam
  6. 3m PSA Sanding Discs 220-1200 grit
  7. Moores snap-on sanding discs 7/8″
  8. Steel stock, square and round 0-1 or W-1, for making chasing and repousse tools, among other things.
  9. cutting pliers, good round nose pliers like Swanstrom, stone setting pliers
  10. Wet/dry sandpaper grits from 220 to 1200.
  11. A couple more PowerMax type cutters
  12. Setting burs
  13. Cup burs
  14. Round burs
  15. Bud/flame/spear head burs all sizes or this type: single cut
  16. Cylinder burs
  17. Wheel Burs
  18. Sherri Haab’s E-3 Etch kit
  19. UV light box
  20. Several leather mallets: small and large
  21. Larger, more complete dapping set
  22. Good disc cutter
  23. Fancy disc cutters – all shapes and sizes
  24. Oval bracelet mandrel
  25. Finger-shaped ring mandrel
  26. Oval forming mandrel
  27. Square forming mandrel
  28. Pitch bowls in various sizes: 8″ pitch bowl kit6 1/4″ kit5″ kit
  29. Chasing tools – Both beginner and starter sets.
  30. Checkering file – 2 cut
  31. Chenier/Joint files – varying sizes for hinge making
  32. Wolf wax carving tools
  33. Wolf belt sander for the flex shaft
  34. Wax for carving:  purple, green and blue.  All sizes and shapes
  35. Desktop Draw Bench (construction project)!
  36. Draw plates
  37. Draw tongs
  38. Fretz miniature forming kit
  39. Fretz miniature hollow ring stake kit
  40. Cratex miniature wheel kit
  41. Crucibles for centrifugal caster
  42. Automatic melting furnace any type”  Rio Grande’s, Dura-Bull,  Kerr
  43. Sheet metals:  copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, tin, steel, silver (all 3 types), gold (hah!), platinum (double hah!)
  44. Wire:  copper, brass bronze, aluminum, tin, steel, silver
  45. More later!  Tools, tools, tools…