The Crucible

Here are the photos from Carol’s and my visit to the Crucible on June 24, 2015.

I didn’t get any shots of the electronics area, robotics, bike, neon, glass blowing, textile, leather, and (probably) 20 other rooms.  This place is HUGE:  56,000 square feet!

They also have studio rental space (see this link)  They are open and you can share a studio:  each artist gets 16′ X 16′.  They can be shared, with each artist using 1/2 of the space (8′ X 16″).  We didn’t get to see the studios. Also, in case you didn’t see my Chimera page, when Carol and I visited, summer youth programs were in session.  We were asked to not photograph any rooms that contained kids.  So, we were good girls and didn’t.

Crucible-ornate-window-bars  The nice looking bars on the windows.

Jewelry Studio

buffing-area-sink-Crucible  Buffing area.  They have a sink!

burn-out-kiln-Crucible  Burn out kilns and other casting stuff.

casting-area-the-Crucible  More of the casting area.

enamel-samples-the-Crucible   Samples of enamels from the enameling ROOM.

enameling-room-kilns-Crucible   Kilns in the enameling room

jewelry-work-area-the-Crucible   Rolling mill, shears, forging area.

soldering-are-the-Crucible   Soldering area.  OMG!!!

workstations-the-Crucible  Work tables.  Note uncomfortable chairs.  I’d bring a pillow.

one-flex-shaft-area-the-Crucible ONE flex shaft area. Note the nice bright warning signs to wear eye protection!

2nd-flex-shaft-area-the-Crucible Second flex shaft area.

Forging-area-the-Crucible  Forging area.


Ceramics  Ceramics area.  They don’t offer classes in the winter because it is so cold in there.

Other Spaces

hang-out-area-Crucible   The lounge with the glass blowing area in the background.

hazardous-first-aid-Crucible  Bathrooms, First aid (one area), Hazardous stuff.

open-area-stage-crucible  Public space, performance space, event space.  Track in the middle is a track for gravity cars workshop for the kiddies. Stage is on left, center (behind cardboard boxes).  They have additional stage sections (not shown).  Note dining tables on right.  They have events and special dinners.  Think fundraisers.

snack-area-ATM-Crucible  Snacks, ATM (wow), part of kitchen(ette).

fire-dance-performance-Crucible  Performance practice area, fire dancing practice area, for me, nap area (note couch).

kitchen-ATM-Crucible  “Kitchen” and of course, the ATM!

leather-glass-slump-xtra-area-Crucible Glass slumping, leather working, extra work areas.

Wood Shop

wood-shop-the-Crucible  We weren’t allowed to disrupt the kid’s classes (dang!) so, no interior photos. Lots of big noisy, dusty tools.

Heavy Metal (bronze casting, blacksmithing, steel forging, machine shop, etc.)

blacksmith-shop-the-Crucible  Blacksmith shop – not allowed in.

forge-bronze-casting-Crucible  Forge, bronze casting, etc.  Down hall, far right.  Next to this area is the bike area.  They have weekly bike fix-it nights for the community.  Need one adult with the child.

looking-over-machine-shop-and-more  From upstairs, looking out over the machine shop and a bunch of other stuff.

welding-area-the-Crucible  Welding room.  Jealous? They have some serious ventilation.