Rolling Mills

Updated: 2/8/17

The Rolling Mill

How to Roll Metal Through the Rolling Mill


“Question: I have a book that tells you to turn the metal end over end while rolling it. Does end over end mean leading edge over to tailing edge or left side over to right? In the same book it tells you that wavy sheet means you changed direction without annealing first. I cannot find anywhere on the internet where you get tips on how to roll metal correctly. Maybe I’m asking the wrong search questions.”


I have learned that to roll out wire or sheet metal you always roll in one direction, like lengthwise only, inserting the same end and side in each time until rolling is complete for that pass.  Do this 3 times or so then anneal.  Roll in any direction that you want for the next roll but, keep it always with the same leading edge entering the mill.  So that I don’t screw up and put the metal in the wrong way, I mark the edge of the sheet metal with a sharpie and re-mark each time after soldering. That way I always know what end to put in for that session.
I suppose it doesn’t matter too much if you feed the front edge in for one pass, then pass the back end through, flip and then pass the front end through – which is what I think they (Durston’s Rolling Mill Manual) are saying.  The problems occur when you roll lengthwise and then crosswise without annealing.

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