Jewelry Instruction and Information

Jewelry Instruction and Information Sites

  • Art Jewelry Magazine – Of course, the magazine (which I love), projects, videos, instruction, resources, galleries, etc.
  • Kavitha Balakrishnan has a new blog. She discusses Indian (East Indian) jewelry and it’s significance in Indian culture.  Kavitha has also published a book called:  How Terracotta (natural clay) jewellery is made in India.
  • Bench Jewelers Network – A membership based subscription ($24.00 a month) with access to information, videos and a community of other artisans.  Subjects are many and varied:  stone-setting, jewelry repair, casting, shop management, fabrication and all things jewelry. Included in the subscription are all back issue of Bench Magazine – which was a great magazine.  I still miss it.
  • Create & Thrive – About turning your hobby into a business.
  • Fire Mountain Gems – Store, instructions, techniques, projects, videos, etc.
  • Ganoksin – Tons of information on every facet of jewelry making and metal working. Their archives are full of answers to all of your questions so, now you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Handmadeology – Great resource for all crafts.  Articles on selling on Etsy, Home Studios, Photographing small scale objects.
  • – Instructions on many things.  They have a jewelry area too!
  • Jewelry Making Daily – Jewelry instruction, projects, resources, galleries, videos, etc.
  • The Jewelry Making Journal – Galleries, tutorials, business of, videos, jewelry making, store.
  • JVC – Jewelers Vigilance Committee – Their site notes: Ethics, Integrity, Compliance.  Need to know about hallmarking, fair trade materials?
  • Metal Clay Academy – You want to know about metal clay – go here!
  • Metal Cyberspace – Lots of links:  organizations, books and magazines, artists, etc.
  • – An online community for Metalsmiths – As of 4/1/16, they are no longer accepting new members.
  • Metalsmiths Unite! (The Blog) –Prepare to lose yourself for hours.  I warned you!  How about a post on: Soldering Clamps – Tips from Master Goldsmith James Miller, FIPG.  BTW, the FIPG (after his name) stands for: Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.  James has written a book:  The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection. Lots of Artist interviews! 
  • Nancy LT Hamilton – Please see my YouTube site (YouTube – Nancy LT Hamilton.  There is some problem with my website and that link.  I’ve spent hours trying to fix it and still can’t get it to work!), Pinterest, join me on Facebook too!  Gotta put myself in here.  I don’t actually have a blog but, I do have a constantly growing website with a ton of jewelry making information from tool creation, links and individual skills.  Check out my question and answer pages for my responses to viewers.
  • Pat Pruitt’s blog is such a manly thing!  He’s got great designs on how to build your own pro-jeweler’s desk, how to “hotrod” the Wolf Belt Sander, In fact, it looks like he tears a lot of stuff apart and puts it back together in a unique and interesting way.  He’s got product reviews and much more.
  • SNAG – Society of North American Goldsmiths – Resources, opportunities, magazine.
  • The Studio – Rio Grande’s Blog – Learn how that tool works, videos, inspirations, instruction, contests, etc.

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