Last updated: 3/6/18

Nancy LT Hamilton

IMPORTANT NOTE: and Nancy LT Hamilton does not guarantee your satisfaction or safety while using or purchasing any of the tools, materials or techniques discussed.  All tools, materials and equipment must be respected as potentially dangerous and safety should be your primary concern.  YOU are responsible for your own safety!

The items discussed on this website and in my videos are materials, tools and equipment that I am familiar with.  My suggestions of where to purchase and from whom are just suggestions. Your experience with these items and vendors may be different than mine.

Please see my video:  Jewelry Studio Safety and my corresponding webpage:  Safety in the Small Jewelry Studio.

Tools (An Ever-Growing Resource)

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  1. I found your site while browsing You tube and I have to say it is a grea resource site. I purchased the economy Jig and only used it for filing wire so yes it has been under utilised, thats about to change. Thanks